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KickAssCareers/Journeyman: 2019

Engage, Educate & Encourage youth to consider careers in Mechanical, Industrial, Technology & Construction (MITC) through school & community outreach.

School and Community Outreach Creating awareness to influence those of all ages and walks of life to consider careers in construction through mentorship, outreach, and support. Offers gender-neutral programs however the specific focus is to educate and encourage women to pursue opportunities in the Construction Industry. Outreach to kids, at risk youth, single parents, low-income families, women in trades, visible minorities, under represented, etc.

Let’s face it, not everyone wants to be lawyer, doctor or white-collar professional. Several prefer mechanical, practical and visual means of learning rather than academic programs through college and university.

There are so many pathways to lucrative careers for those who enjoy building things. Hands-on skills are required in many professions especially mechanical, industrial and construction occupations. Furthermore practical experience offers great advantages to those pursuing careers in technology sectors related to MITC positions.

Look at the infrastructure all around us. Everything from the furthest satellite station in space to the equipment used in the deepest mine has been designed, built and continually maintained by someone in an MITC career. As long as there is human life on earth there will be a need for engineers, skilled builders, mechanics and creative workers with unique skill sets. Through apprenticeship, technical education and STEM programs men and women are traveling worldwide with transferable skills making white-collar salaries designing, building and maintaining our ever changing, evolving world.

From a student in high school to the company owner sporting the white hat there are endless opportunities and pathways in Mechanical, Industrial, Technology and Construction. Journeyman

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