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Ministerial Advisory Committee Member Biographies

Ministerial Advisory Committee Member Biographies: August 16th, 2019

Jamie McMillan

Jamie McMillan is the founder of KickAss Careers along with being a talented ironworker and boilermaker by trade. She is a Canadian woman entrepreneur on a mission to engage, educate, and encourage youth to consider careers in the mechanical, industrial, technology, and construction (MITC) sectors and accomplishes this work through school and community outreach.

Jamie excelled in skilled trades high school classes but was not made aware of the skilled trades apprenticeships available until a classmate informed her of the opportunities. This led Jamie to construct her own impressive career in the skilled trades from apprenticeship to being the founder of KickAss Careers, a role that she holds today.

In 2002, Jamie started as an ironworker, when women represented 2% of the North American workforce. Determined to level the playing field, she thoroughly understands challenges women face in traditionally male-dominated skilled trades occupations.

Today, as part of KickAss Careers, she speaks to students, parents, educators, and employers across North America. She opens doors and minds to the rewarding and well-paid career possibilities within the skilled trades. She is a pathway maker including a focus for encouraging youth to join the under-represented occupations as an avenue for career development. Jamie is an active volunteer, contributing her expertise with Skills Ontario and the YWCA Equitable Pathways to Technical Fields.

Her goal is to support recruitment and retention within the workforce by promoting diversity, inclusion, and respect in the workplace and removing barriers to participation in skilled trades. biographies

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